"TEPLOSTAR" company releases new generation hydronic heater «BINAR-5S».

This is a completely new product made in Russia, which is no way inferior to the top brands worldwide. Preheater “Binar -5S” can work in two modes, as an engine preheater, and as a supplementary heater. The engine preheater is used for start heating and warming – up of vehicles with liquid cooling system and engine displacement up to 3.5l at ambient temperature as low as minus 45°С.

  • 2016.03.31
    Attention important!

    The manufacturer does not sell its products outside the Russian Federation though e-trading platforms like Ebay, Amazon and others. Our dealers in Europe and North America carry out official sells of our products through these e-trading platforms. Please be aware, that configuration and technical specification of products made for export is different from the one sold in Russia and CIS countries. In this case, the warranty in Europe and North America applies only to products made in special export configuration.

  • 2015.10.15
    Teplostar launches new website

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Website! The Website has been updated with improved navigation, allowing our foreign customers to access more detailed products information, product images, and user manuals. The site includes extensive information on every product to help inform customers and ultimately find the products that best suit their needs. Technical data, videos, user manuals, news articles provide a detailed overview of “Teplostar” product ranges and product capabilities across a wide range of application, whether that be off-highway, trucks, boats, rail, small minibuses, defense or static application. The aim is to keep visitors updated with regular news, modifications, and new product launches.

  • 2015.09.15
    "GASSUF" - International exhibition for gas-powered vehicle technologies!

    The 13th International exhibition for gas-powered vehicle technologies - "GASSUF-2015" will be held in Moscow on October 13-15, 2015. Russian and international companies showcase the latest developments in the production of gas fuel and gas tank equipment, techniques for the conversion of vehicles to gas fuels and equipment for gas fuelling stations and pressurized gas fuelling stations. We will present our new gas air-heaters, and preheaters. Please, follow our updates on the news section for the information on these products.

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